Surrogacy within the UK is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst LGBT parents to be. However due to it being illegal to advertise for a surrogate mother, it can make it difficult for people to find a surrogate within the UK. One of the other many issues regarding surrogacy is the cost, it can be extremely expensive to go through the surrogacy route. But these are all things to consider when make your discussion of which route to choice.

The Surrogacy route definitely has many legal hurdles to overcome and this another reason why Proud 2 b Parents have teamed up with Kuits solicitors, as you will need the expertise of a family solicitor to support you through the process. Kuits solicitors have dealt with many uk based surrogacy cases. They run free workshops for individuals or couples who have chosen this route to parenthood. Please click here for more information or email proud 2b parents.

Another difficult with this specific route is that in a surrogacy arrangement you will only be able to obtain statutory paternity leave if you are considered legal parents (unless your employer have now introduced surrogacy leave, which should be treated and reflect the same as maternity or adoption leave) If you are not at the time of birth, you nor your partners will automatically be able to obtain the two weeks paternity leave. Also due to you not adopting the child, you can not apply for adoption leave. So covering the cost of leave when you have the child and any work related issues would need to be considered as well.

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It will also be worth while finding out from specific UK surrogacy services your options when it comes to surrogacy. Please check out our resource and website link page for more information.