LGBT parents have grown in acknowledgement over the last few years, and information on specific routes to parenthood have become more in demand. Therefore we hope that you find this information informative and useful in your own journey to become a parent. Even though the majority of the routes are discussed there will always be individuals who choice a specific method which suits their needs and the needs of their family. This does not mean that it is not recognised as a parenting option, but it is not a way used by the majority of LGBT parents.

Proud 2 b parents has gathered all this information together to support you, but if you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to get touch.

The perception of LGBT parenting has over the years only shifted slightly, and many families still face discrimination and isolation either directly or indirectly. Many parents face having to continually ‘come out’ to health services, agencies or education, in regards to their family structure or questioned “who is the parent?”. The route to having a family therefore can be difficult at times, however this is not without its reward. Thinking of your specific route is important and something not to be taken lightly. Talking to friends and family about starting a family can be so beneficial, as they will be the people their to support you when you have your child/children. Talking to other people who have chosen the same route to parenthood is also beneficial, as they will have some top tips or be more knowledgeable about specific routes. Its important to talk to other LGBT parents as they would of experienced similar situations to yourselves. It will also be important when you have your children, as this will help your children to not feel so isolated and be able to form their own peer support.