The banner above was created by everyone that attended the Love and Kindness workshops - Proud 2 b Parents hate crime sessions

Proud 2 b parents have partnered in a new initiative to tackle hate crime with 31 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) organisations from across England and Wales. Funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the
partnership will aim to increase the reporting of LGBT hate crimes and incidents and improve the support available to those targeted.The partnership will empower LGBT communities through campaigns and information resources, as well as building new independent advice services and expertise within local organisations. It will achieve this through
training, setting up buddying relationships between organisations, funding advisors, setting up systems to help people report, make them safer and empower their choices; as well as training criminal justice organisations such as the police.

Proud 2 B parents has been funded to develop four awareness workshops that address the issues that LGBT parent led families feel in regarding to LGBT hate crime. These sessions look to develop parental knowledge of the subject whilst highlighting the topic. The session will sensitively explore family opinions and support discussions within a safe and open environment. Whilst at the session parents will have the opportunity to receive relevant information regarding LGBT hate crime and top tips to talk to your child about LGBT hate crime and bullying.

Proud 2 b Parents LGBT Hate Crime Awareness Session Plans and Promotion

Workshop plan

Love and Kindness –

Goal of workshop

Using art and crafts to explore, love and kindness (kind behaviour as well as unkind behaviour)

1) Identity what homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crime is
2) Identify the impacts of hate crime on individuals
3) Recognise the value of individually speaking out about hate crime
4) Recognise ways of collectively challenging hate crime and prejudice
5) Identify services that can help with reporting, advice and support

Using art activities geared towards children and their families we will create a safe environment for children to explore the subjects listed above at a level that is appropriate for children.

Activities and objectives – (what will the children make)

Love and Kindness Banner – to be added to at each workshop, by buddy organisations

As a collective we will make a banner emblazoned with the words “Love and Kindness” everyone attending the workshops will contribute to this banner. Each letter will be a mosaic of family black and white portraits ( the photos will be taken in the workshops and attached later in the shape of the letters by the artist) The photographs can be just parents or parents and their children, or the back of the child’s head (depending what is suitable to the family i.e. regarding fostered and adopted children) The background of the banner will also be designed and made by the families, they will decorate with colourful handprints, pansy pictures and prints inspired by artist Paul Harfleet’s Pansy Project.

In the workshop

Families have their photographs done
Print and paint on the banner, hand prints and pansies
Plant pansies in a tea cup with a saucer to take home.

 As part of the session we would like families to have something to take home, we also wanted to incorporate more ideas from the Pansy Project. We have chosen to plant the pansies in a portable vessel and we have chosen the Teacup and Saucer because it is symbolic of the idea “a cup of tea and chat” we thought this was a nice way to commemorate the discussions we have shared on the day.

In Paul Harfleets pansy project he always takes photographs of each pansy wherever they are planted we could take photos of our pansies and add them to a scrap book with our names attached which people could look at to think about the issues raised.

In the workshop

Families plant their pansy in a tea cup
They can decorate the teacup if they wish
We take photos of the pansies to add to a scrapbook
Weave large pansy to take home

In previous sessions we have found that children and young people like activities that use repetitive actions and allow them time to go off and sit on their own or with parents and focus on the activity, which allows them time to be reflective,  about the subjects we have covered.

In the workshop

Children weave a larger pansy on a frame that they can take home to put in their garden

Who will be involved ?

Family based activities; the activities can be adapted for all age ranges. Parents will be there to offer support and guidance to their child.

Session plan

Introduce subject and outline workshop objectives
Handout supporting documents relating to Hate Crime
Introduce collaborative artwork –demonstration – what we can print/ paint on background
Demonstration- how to plant pansies, introduction to materials
Demonstration- how to weave, introduction to materials
Children and families in divided groups on each activity e.g. small group working on banner background, pansy planting group and weaving. The groups will alternate when they have completed. (this is so there is enough space around each activity)
Children will start activities with support from parents and facilitators
While children are immersed in activities, facilitator will go round to photograph families

Materials needed for activity

Pansy Planting -Pansies, compost cups and saucers spades labels, scrapbook and camera. Possible paint to decorate cups.
Banner – Paint, printing blocks, fabric pens, artist’s canvas, Inkjet transfer paper, eyelets for banner (for hanging) camera. (Computer + printer +ink for home)
Weaving, waterproof materials (wind sock fabric) , recycled strips of plastic bags, old broken umbrella fabric, frame or hoola- hoop to do weaving on.
Supporting documents- activity sheets (showing instructions to take home)
Information and handouts about Hate Crime + organisations to contact regarding issues
Information and Handouts relating to the Pansy Project
Books about bullying issues for children.